Another Show from The Rio

The friends! The Costumes! The Cocktails! John and Ken have hit the Rio again for Star Trek Las Vegas 2017! Listen in as they – and Mission Log Executive Producer Rod Roddenberry – talk TNG 30: Trek in Transition!

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  1. Fart Magnus says:

    “Cock”tails? Hmmmm …….

  2. Earl Green says:

    I haven’t been to Vegas in 10 years… and there’s a reason for that. LOL I could tell some stories… but none of them involve leaving my keys in my room!

    I’m not too worried about Discovery being serialized, because even within the tightly serialized last 10 episodes of Deep Space Nine, there was a lot of variety, including the whole bonkers thing where Bashir was inside the mind of the Section 31 guy whose name I forget, Dax trying to figure out her feelings between Worf and Bashir, and so on. There was a lot of variety of tone, a lot of character and a lot of plot, addressed within that 10-episode stretch.

    Now, could the serialization backfire? Oh yes. Season 3 of the modern iteration of Galactica, which was all about occupied Caprica and the rest of the season spent on recriminations against suspected collaborators, was a death march to sit through. The first half of season 3 of Lost also comes to mind – let’s spend several episodes locking the regulars up in cages, interrogating them and torturing them and messing with their minds. I bring those up because I was a huge fan of both shows leading up to those points in their histories, and was less of a fan afterward.

    I’m more concerned that Discovery actually manages to Say Something than whether or not its technology or its uniforms or its sets or Klingon makeup are in line with what we’ve seen before. We are in dire need, at this very moment, of a show that can not only Say Something, but make that message hopeful. I see this morning on Facebook that Rod gave his blessing to The Orville for the same reason, which was cool to see.

    Interesting to hear Rod’s take on Chaos On The Bridge. Ever since I first saw that, my advice has been for people to watch the official documentaries on the TNG Blu-Rays first, at least from the season 1 and season 2 sets, and then watch Chaos as a kind of counterpoint. One is a bit muckraking, one is corporate-approved and kind of fawning…as George Carlin once said about various states’ license plate slogans, “somewhere between ‘live free or die’ and ‘famous potatoes’ lies the truth!”

    So…ten years. Wow. I wonder if they’re ready to let me back in the city limits?

    • Konservenknilch says:

      Well I’ve never been to Vegas ever, and since I’m from the other side of the earth, it wouldn’t be my first choice if I visit the states again ๐Ÿ˜‰

      More on topic: I’m super hyped about Discovery and I think it will be great with all the talent and money behind it, but I also share a bit of the concern about serialization. Now, there’s two different kinds of serialization. Babylon 5, which JMS always calls “a novel for television”, where he knew where the journey was going while he was writing the pilot. The other kind is the “make it up as we go along” kind like Lost or Battlestar. I very much prefer the B5 model, but it seems like Discovery will take the Lost approach. Let’s hope they pull it off.

      Another quibble is that while “anomaly of the week” got horribly overplayed in Voyager and Enterprise, I kinda want at least a few of those episodes, but it seems like Discovery will focus all on the Klingon war. But we’ll see.

      • Roger Birks says:

        It won’t be like LOST because it is set in a big universe. LOST was a show about an island. Discovery will be able to constantly evolve and move into different storys.

        • Konservenknilch says:

          Yeah, I realize it was a bad analogy. Lost developed its universe with each new episode. Disco, especially since it’s a prequel, is tied to canon and has to make some kind of sense. Just a few more weeks ^^

          • Roger Birks says:

            It is still not a bad show to take some inspiration from though. LOST had some terrific character development, the principle actors were great in that show. The mythology did become very confused and messed up in the end, I agree with that. But the characters were very well developed, something that would be great for Discovery.

  3. Durakken says:

    Good episode. Quite nice to hear in contrast to the events of the last day or so.