Mission Log Live – Watch The First Episode!

September 25, 2017

Watch the premiere episode of Mission Log Live below! Then join us every Tuesday at our Facebook page for a new live show!

Since 2012, Mission Log has dug deep into the heart of Star Trek episodes analyzing the story elements for morals, meanings and social relevance.

Starting September 26, Roddenberry Entertainment adds a show that puts fans in the captain’s chair. 48 hours after each new Star Trek: Discovery episode, “Mission Log Live” invites you to join hosts John Champion and Ken Ray to share your thoughts on the new series. What was the episode about? What were the morals, messages and meanings? How does this new series fit in to the Star Trek universe?

This time it’s your chance to dig into the series and discover what’s there!

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  1. Jerry Stokes says:

    I like what I’ve seen so far. I’m looking forward to more.

  2. Benjamin Miner says:

    The FB chat was a disaster! Couldn’t hear anything, was looking forward to joining the discussion, had to bail just to be able to hear anything. *Moderator’s mic was on and drowning out the actual discussion. BIG BUMMER.

    • Matthew Burns says:

      It was a first attempt at something very technical and difficult. Mission Log team, keep trying, iron out kinks, and will have a very good program!

  3. Benjamin Miner says:

    I actually think Burnham is quite Kirk-like – completely sure of her own rightness, totally impatient with authority if authority disagrees. Modern storytelling requires that there be consequences for her behavior, and that’s an element I’m excited to see.

    • Earl Green says:

      Burnham can also out-logic the ship’s computer *without destroying it*. Kirk the Computer Slayer is amateur hour by comparison.

    • Matthew Burns says:

      I think I agree too.

      Burnham was acting quite agressively when she took out her captain with a nerve pinch. Pretty sure she would be kicked out of Starfleet entirely if she was an officer in the 24th Century during Picards day, never mind a jail term..

  4. Benjamin Miner says:

    I want Ken to have a groovy purple curtain, Balok-style.

  5. Benjamin Miner says:

    Ken’s point about the possibility that this is the beginning of a consolidation of the Klingon houses is compelling. That guy consistently turns over stones I didn’t even notice were there. Love it.

  6. Will Wright says:

    It isn’t a bad start, but I don’t like the design. Don’t tell us it happens in the prime timeline, it’s not. A flashback shows Burnham taking an exam in a Vulcan learning pod. We first see these pods in JJ Trek 09 -.and while I hate JJ Trek, at least the new JJ Trek Klingons LOOKED fierce. Everything about these Klingons is.somehow … wrong. The make up and costumes while impressive, make them look like orcs now. They dress like spiders. Some of them are pitch black, the others are paper white. It’s all very, VERY weird,, including the drawn out painful spoken Klingon dialogue , which sounded so slow and different than how it was spoken in DS9 and Next Gen.
    Klingon ships with coffins on the hull – WTH? Don’t really care for this smaller Federation ship having such a large bridge- not only is the tech to advanced for the time period- but it lacks intimacy – which while the Captain and the 1st officer obviously have, I thought the Captain was much to laid back – so I couldn’t take her seriously. The space ship visuals – like phaser canons – look to much like Star Wars- Not TOS . It’s like the whole thing is made for the ADHD Generation. Bottom line – the only thing I really liked about the show was the sound design. The TOS sound effects were well used. OH- And The music was good- even though visually the opening title graphics lacked any real imagination or inspiration for that matter.

  7. Liam McMullin says:

    I need to pay more attention. I would have tried to join the live discussion or call in if I knew it was happening. Great show! I’ll try to be online for it next week.

    I liked it. My friends who saw it, even the ones who were pessimistic, liked it too. The biggest things we didn’t like were the lens flares and over use of strange camera angles. The new designs are interesting; it would be even better if they were easy to see. As for the other changes, I don’t mind them. Maybe we can treat Star Trek more like we treat old stories where plots and characters aren’t so dependent on how every detail of the setting as long as the stories are self-consistent as presented.

    I saw some fierce debates online over whether Burnham and Georgiou did the right things, and whether they even belong in Starfleet given their willingness to escalate their tactics so quickly. I don’t know; it was fun. It looks like Burnham has been set up to struggle with her choices for a while. Can she learn to do better in 13 remaining episodes.

  8. Jason8957 says:

    Is this going to be anywhere other than Facebook?
    I have never had a FB account and am not getting one.

  9. Michi Michkov says:

    I’m trying to find the RSS feed for these. Is there one? If not I stick to the youtube channel John mentioned below, but I’d prefer mp3s.

  10. Pete2174 says:

    Having now watched the 9 available episodes it’s all a bit of a mess IMO.
    I accept that TOS was filmed in the 60’s and there’s been massive advances in SFX, even so the Discovery seems way ahead of even the Enterprise D in technology, let alone Kirk’s Enterprise.

    The Klingons are AWFUL (not sure why they’ve been redesigned again), worse than any of the Klingon centric TNG/DS9 episodes.

    Whilst it’s nice to have Trek on TV again watching this makes me long for a Trek show set in parallel or after TNG/DS9/Voyager (which it seems they are now riffing on).
    I shall of course continue to watch in January but so far I’m fairly ‘meh’ about it.

    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place, couldn’t see anywhere else to comment on ‘Disco’.