Welcome to Kesprytt III, home to the Kes and the Prytt. The Kes seem nice, but they’re actually a little too paranoid and devious for the Federation. The Prytt seem sort of xenophobic, but they’re actually incredibly xenophobic. Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher are lost on Kesprytt III, though it is not just their situation that binds them. A couple of Prytt implants are giving the couple a peek into each other’s thoughts and feelings. What will they find? Where will it lead them? And how will they get back to the Enterprise? Find out when we put Attached into the Mission Log.

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  1. Dave Steph Taylor says:

    Loved the Picard/Crusher stuff. Hated the Kess/Prytt stuff, even though it gave Riker some great moments

  2. CmdrR says:

    Yes, I enjoy the emotional confrontation at the core of this episode. I’m gonna take a chance and say the two should have had their full fling… ugly civilian clothes strewn about Picard’s cabin… and THEN said, ‘Well, we gotta just be friends.’ I think that would be honest. It’s also difficult to understand why they stopped when we (sorta) know that JL and B (the tabloids call them Jeanerey or Beverluc) get married and divorced sometime in the next 25 years. I think we could have gotten a few eps of them together before they decided to cool their warp cores. Anyway… nice podcast, as always. Did The Computer ask for more credits or navy beans? She seems to be on less lately.

    • deaddropsd says:

      I enjoyed, but really, it made the both of them seem very boring and asexual…ugh…puritan, chaste….come on….we are not talking about apprehensive teens, awkward etc, but they sure came across that way. haha, Beverluc. Clearly the sexually progressive characters were Troi and Riker and their friends w benefits arrangement or whatever it was. I think Triker could have been an excellent story line, but I know the writers had some conflict but Sirtis and Frakes wanted it to fire up.(After Best of Both Worlds… I always wished Riker got promoted off the show in the 2nd to last season w some, Troi marry me as I get promoted story cliffhanger…) Anyway, the stodginess of Picard and the teasing of Beverly, man, what a bummer….they should have closed the deal….AND NEVER MENTION IT AGAIN, like they did w so many character concepts in TNG…Lol

    • Dave Steph Taylor says:

      Ya, all that build up and nothing

  3. deaddropsd says:

    Seemed like a little bit of North and South Korea going on there…but oh well. Humanity…you’ve got a LooOOooOOOOOoonG way to go!! One thing I have thought about when considering WAR is how many are between people who look EXACTLY ALIKE….North South Korea/Vietnam, Union vs Confederacy, India vs Pakistan, Iran vs Iraq…uhhhh I guess it’s just how we are….

  4. Muthsarah says:

    I’m gonna revisit this one. I remember thinking it was pretty good, but taking away little other than the big scene + Picard’s “lesson” on leadership. But, yeah, the wrap-up really does remind me of how Season Three felt: heavy-handed sometimes, but always full of good character moments. By Season Seven, TNG stopped feeling like that, opting for too many “eh, why not?” high-concept weirdness and fanservice.

    This might be a hidden gem. Maybe the season has six episodes I really like, and not just five.

  5. Scrappy says:

    It kinda makes me sad for Gates McFadden that she wasn’t used to her full potential. Beverly Crusher is such a complex character (mother, chief medical officer, Picard’s love interest) and could have been the third most important character in the series behind Data and Picard.

    On a side note, next time someone gets on my nerves, I’ll tell them “Don’t be a Prytt”.

  6. John Anderton says:

    This is real science fiction: you learn something about developing characters (“maybe we should be afraid”) through a science fiction device. The device does not kill them and they don’t need to fix it with techno babble.

    We learn through great writing that Picard fakes it sometimes. More importantly, we learn about the origins of Picard and Crusher’s ‘uncomfortable’ relationship

    What I don’t like is:

    PICARD: I didn’t know how I would react. And then, little by little, I
    realized that I didn’t have those feelings any more. Twenty years is,
    after all, a long time.

    So, after all this explanation of why Picard was so in love with Crusher, and so guilty because it is the wife of his best friend, he just forgets about her? I don’t buy it, and hopefully is there just to maintain continuity.

    Perhaps worse, this is a space opera – I mean soap opera – episode. Probably the best, but the action is sort of nonexistent and the B plot contrived (the confrontation somewhat reminding one of the better ‘The Cloud Minders’).

    • Dave Steph Taylor says:

      I don’t mind the shift in feelings for Picard, people can change. He still cares about her, just not as a love interest

  7. rocketdave says:

    The “belt buckles” on the TMP uniforms actually were designed with a purpose in mind, though it’s never explained on screen, so anyone could be forgiven for not knowing this. However, I seem to recall that in the book The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, it’s mentioned that the “buckles” are supposed to monitor the vital signs of the wearer. A little googling reveals that the novelization refers to them as perscan devices.

    • wchmara says:

      I thought the perscan devices were there to bring drama in a future adventure. A character is abducted by an enemy, but all we see is the telemetry sent back by the device. Then the data flatlines, and everyone in the room look at one another in shock, knowing what it means.
      Years later, in Star Trek (2009) this is exactly how the crew of the Kelvin learned of the death of their captain — minus the need for any such visible device.

  8. Pete2174 says:

    Love this episode. One a few gems in a season of mediocrity. As others have said Gates shines here.

  9. Mike Serpa says:

    The computer “Electric Company” joke just made me do a spit take.

  10. Will Wright says:

    Boy- how did I miss this? I really just don’t think that the Cover Image 4 that you guys used for this Episode really conveys the “spirit” of it. I would have picked something like this one instead: Yes ? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3d446bdb9e1497af2d944fc745df06eb755eef132c6a8542c999c90272d2a3d1.jpg