An alien force that threatens Voyager in a dark matter nebula has robbed Chakotay of his neural energy. When paranoia reaches a high among the crew, he may be the only one who can get them out. “Cathexis” goes into the Misison Log.

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  1. Ryan Peterson says:

    I know they’re running under this “Chakotay’s neural energy could take over biological beings but not technology” and for other shows I would be happy leaving it at that. But I really wish they’d thought just two steps further on this because, I mean, let’s be frank, this dang ship has gorramn bioneural circuitry. This is the first time our hero ship has that feature, but they only seem to think about it when that’s the point of the episode, like when Neelix’s cheese gives the ship an infection. Let’s really explore the possibilities of this technology, or there’s no point in introducing that new feature at all.