B’Elanna comes face to face with her greatest fear: the human and Klingon halves that make her whole. Not to mention the Vidiian surgeon who is carrying out terrifying experiments on her. Mission Log faces “Faces.”

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  1. Ryan Peterson says:

    You know, Norman has a point that it definitely looks like Roxann is struggling with the Klingon makeup (especially the teeth). And it always stands out to me whenever we have a guest star where it’s clear that this is their first time with such exaggerated dentistry (like Josh Pais as Gaila). You’d think that someone who’s had these teeth their entire lives would have learned to work around them. But in this case, the storyteller in me keeps coming back to one thing: this is also B’Elanna’s first time as a full Klingon. It’s not just the actor who’s in new territory, but the character as well. Heck, I’ve actually had experiences myself where a new crown changes the way my mouth closes just enough that it takes a couple of weeks before I stop biting myself accidentally. It doesn’t explain everything, but it does give me a different perspective and allows me to give a greater leeway to the performance.