The problem with Captain Janeway’s near-death experience is that it keeps happening over and over. She’s not having it though, and gives the prospect of death a stern talking-to when we put Coda in the Mission Log.

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  1. Rohan Jolly says:

    I am not going to lie — I think it is incredible you managed to create an hour long podcast on one of the worst episodes of Star Trek. I feel the only reason it is not more reviled is because it aired in the same season as Threshold which was even worse.

    Voyager really did try everyone’s patience before Seven of Nine showed up.

    • Kristin Johnson says:

      This was a chilling and emotional episode for Janeway. It helped that they cast Len Cariou, currently starring as the stalwart Henry Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” as Admiral Janeway. I have no problem conceiving that there are dangerous entities tricking people with the promise of a blissful afterlife.

    • Even those episodes that aren’t so great usually give us something to discuss!

  2. AI summary of our discussion for “Coda” (thank you Seligman):

    This episode is a conversation discussing various topics related to Star Trek, acting, and storytelling. The speakers express their appreciation for Doug, who was honored for his contributions to the Star Trek family. They discuss the challenges of analyzing and critiquing entertainment while maintaining their own opinions. The conversation also touches on the importance of understanding technology and integrating it into one’s life.

    The speakers mention actors who take on diverse roles, including those in low-budget productions, and the changing landscape of the acting industry. They appreciate the supportive and thoughtful nature of their listener community, which fosters respectful conversations. The discussion delves into a specific Star Trek Voyager episode, analyzing its storytelling, acting, and production aspects. The speakers explore the themes of spirituality, supernatural elements, and science in the episode, and how these aspects contribute to the overall Star Trek narrative. Overall, the conversation is a deep dive into various aspects of Star Trek, acting, and storytelling, with a focus on the Voyager series.