Discovering “Coming Home” and “Assimilation”

One saga ends, another is just getting started, and John and Holly take as many calls as humanly possible covering the latest episodes of Discovery and Picard!

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  1. Pete says:

    I enjoyed that but I do wish you kept Discovery spoilers out of the Picard discussion. As someone (who due to the short notice removal of S4 from Netflix) who hasn’t seen Season 4 I have been speeding thru to the Picard discussion thinking I was safe, yet today a massive Disco spoiler was dropped. Very annoying.
    Apart from that I am enjoying Picard S2 greatly & it was nice to see the transporters mess up.

    • Hey Pete – sorry about that, and I can totally appreciate the concern. The live show is sort of its own animal though, and those conversations are far less structured than anything we do on the main Mission Log. Sometimes that’s going to happen, even if we try to minimize it. The good news is that we are done with the series overlap for now! Hopefully this will be much easier in the future.

  2. Ryan Peterson says:

    One item that keeps getting mentioned but glossed over in discussions about this season is the fact that Picard still has a golem body. It stood out to me like a “what’s the reason for that?” sore thumb. It’s not like Picard season 1 ended with him Dr. Who-ing himself into James McAvoy and they had to explain why he still looks like Mr Tumnis with better personal grooming. Patrick Stewart still looks enough like Patrick Stewart that no questions would be raised in confusion. To keep him in a golem body either means that the golem body will be important later, or they were simply hand-waving their way past the concept of a golem consciousness waking up inside a biological body, which I think leads to some tremendous implications about identity and self. Maybe it’s that last possibility that was the main reason they did it. But it would be far from the first time they casually threw out a concept that caused serious and disturbing implications. (Minuet anyone?)

    • Totally agree, Ryan – it would be wonderful if there was some payoff to that rather profound plot point. I guess we’ll have to see where the season lands us. For that matter, Sam’s call on this episode of the live show provided even more fodder for concern about the “hand waving” that got us multiple consciousnesses moved to this alternate timeline but kept Picard’s golem body intact.