Discovering Discovery Live

In our very first episode of Mission Log Live, we have a spoiler-filled conversation with our listeners about Star Trek Discovery’s debut episodes: The Vulcan Hello and Battle at the Binary Stars. We’ll be back on the Mission Log Facebook page every Tuesday at 7pm after each new episode of Discovery. Not into it? No worries. This audio-only version will move to its own feed next week. For now, enjoy this preview of Mission Log Live!

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  1. Durakken says:

    The show is generic sci-fi and is in no way Star Trek. It’s wearing a Star Trek skin suit v.v

    The whole “This male character we can make that a female character…” That shouldn’t be a thing that should be happening on any note worth scale. If it is you’re seeing sexism.

    The acting or directing was bad and almost everything that the characters did they should not have acted in that way.

    The Klingon was poorly spoken. If you can’t get a group, let alone 1 person, to speak it correctly then you shouldn’t be having it featured so much.

    They got so much of the lore wrong that at best it is Star Trek horribly disfigured.

    That being said, minor changes could have fixed many of the problems. However, it still wouldn’t be star trek, at least in these 2 episodes, because that fell just isn’t there. Even in the worst ST episodes of any of the series other than these two you could feel it as ST.

    • deaddropsd says:

      Agreed….I was wondering is there a separate podcast for this show…I just finally downloaded the CBS app…sigh…and watched E 1, 2, and part of 3.
      A bit much on the Klingon…really heavy…they should have mentioned the universal translator regarding the interaction between Starfleet and Klingons…
      Lens flare! lol, some Abrams influence…uhhh, really a lot of JJ Abrams influence
      I will give them a few episodes to get their bearings, but it seems unlikely they will address social issues common to Trek. I think it will be more like Tom Clancy, Game of Thrones political/military intrigue and battles w a Star Trek appearance. hmmmmm…guess we will just have to wait and see….

    • wchmara says:

      Absolutely. You could remove all the Trek trappings that were shoehorned into it — and it would still be what it is. A dark story not about exploration of the galaxy or the human mind.
      None of these characters even like or trust each other. Teamwork is something frowned upon here.
      Thus far, it is a very long-winded Mary Sue fic.

  2. Ricky Cucci Music says:

    Obviously Discovery is different than all other previous iterations. The show is, so far, serialized in a way that has not really been done in the past. I am excited to follow these characters in a more nuanced way than episodic tv allows.

    It is with out a doubt the best looking of the shows, mostly because of the advancements of technology. The first two episodes in particular were on par with any movie.

    Discovery has a great cast, Sonequa Martin-Green, Jason Issacs, Doug Jones, etc are all amazing actors. i’m looking forward to them fleshing out their characters as the show goes on.

    The show isn’t perfect of course but i think that as it moves forward it can only get better. TNG for example took seasons to find its footing.

    I wish the “this isnt my star trek” people would give it a chance and accept that different is good. If it doesn’t grow and change it wont live on.

    As of this post I’m in episode three. Does anybody else think that the discovery ship is a section 31 precursor.

  3. All right, I just discovered this new podcast and haven’t listened yet. I definitely will! Meantime, I’ve read the comments. They’re just like the bashing comments I’ve been hearing for months now, before anyone even saw the first episode. At least Mr. DeadDrop says he’ll watch a few more episodes before passing judgement.

    Now, I must say the first two episodes struck me as … meh. They weren’t bad. There were parts I really liked … I loved the idea of being trapped in the brig as the ship is smashed up, with your atmosphere only being held in by the brig’s force field. I’m not sure I’ve ever really seen anything like that done before (unless you count TAS’s Life Support Belts, but of course TAS isn’t canon. Or is it?).

    The new Klingons don’t bother me at all. There’s a lot of things that could be explained in really cool ways if they chose to go there, including the Klingons. So how come the Shenzhou and Discovery can do things the old Enterprise could never do? Not just uniforms and Klingons. How about point-to-point beaming, which Scotty couldn’t do but O’Brian did all the time? How about force field doors a ship can fly thru? Again, the original Enterprise had physical hangar doors, we never saw force field hangar doors until Enterprise-D. Tribbles in the Captain’s ready room? Instantaneous spore travel? How can all this be and have it still be the Prime Timeline?

    Because TOS ISN’T THE ONLY PRIME TIMELINE. The “Prime timeline” is whichever timeline you grew up in, both in-universe and as a TV audience. WHAT IF Lorca and crew are messing with a technology that turns out to have universe-spanning ramifications? I think we already know it’s true. What if their spore travel investigations spawn multiple similar timelines? What if they CREATE TOS’s universe with these investigations, and it’s similar to but not the same as their own? What if they even destroy their own timeline, and in the 2nd DSC season Klingons look more like TNG Klingons? What if, in one of those universes, Kirk and crew, aboard a refit Enterprise, wear white jump suits instead of those colored turtlenecks . You’ll also note this is the first time we saw the ridged-forehead Klingons)? The universes are similar, but not the same. And of course the Mirror Universe comes to mind. Does anyone think there’s only ONE mirror universe?

    This would be a writer’s dream. Explain away any continuity errors, yet keep everything “Star Trek”. Tell stories of the Federation at war, and the Federation who deplores war and refuses to go into battle. Either choice has consequences, and it would be very cool to explore them in different parallel universes. With Klingonst that look like fu-manchu’ed guys with olive green skin or black/gold DSC Klingons or JJ Klingons or anything in between. Because they’re different in different universes.

    OK, that’s what I’m hoping for. We’ll see.

  4. And, by the way, Lorca’s speech ending with “Universal Law is for lackeys. Context is for Kings.” Gave me chills, and I can’t stop thinking about it. What a huge amount of courage, self-confidence, hubris and dangerousness wrapped up in two little sentences.

    And when Burnham decides to stay, I’m not sure what that look on her face is telegraphing. Is it “Wow, I can WORK with this guy!” or is it “Damn, I need to stay and make sure this guy has someone watching him, he’s DANGEROUS!”? Which is it? Time will tell.

    Who the hell SAYS this isn’t Star Trek? This is Star Trek taken to the next level. IMHO.

  5. One more thing … Mission Log Live is moving to where? Will it be another podcast, (like this Supplemental) or are we just talking about a chat on your Facebook page? If it’s a Podcast (I hope …), then where can I find it?

    • Mission Log Live has its own podcast feed – just search the name wherever you pick up your podcasts now, plus the video will always be live (and later archived) on our Facebook page.

  6. Hmmm … my long post seems to be removed. Did I say something wrong? If so, please tell me what and I’ll avoid it in the future.

    • Hmm – we don’t remove posts so I’m not sure what happened. I can see if it shows up in the backend. Nothin you wrote was in any way verboten.