Discovering Discovery’s Crew

This week, Ken and John look at episode three of Star Trek Discovery – Context is for Kings. Meet Captain Lorca, Lt. Stamets, Cadet Tilly, and more! Also, what’s that monstery thing, and why is it on the Discovery? We’ll be back on the Mission Log Facebook page every Tuesday at 7pm after each new episode of Discovery.

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  1. Konservenknilch says:

    I’m quite intrigued by Lorca. He’s not exactly villainous, but he seems to have more than one screw loose, and I very much doub’t he’d have his own command if the federation wasn’t with its back to the wall.

    Weirdly, I got flashbacks to the ill-fated B5 spinoff Crusade. There, Gary Cole plays a captain who is a compulsive gambler, surrounds himself with outsiders and weirdos, takes counsel with a talking “apocalypse box” he hides in his quarters, got his command only because he needs to find a cure for an alien plague which infected earth, captains a fancy new experimental ship, whose sister ship gets destroyed in the pilot. Huh.

  2. CmdrR says:

    I enjoy the new show; it offers a lot of meaty details and discussions. Lorca is interesting as an anti-hero captain. I’m not sure whether he’s bonkers or not. You suggested that Lorca intentionally killed the shuttle pilot (Barb, we hardly knew ya!) and maybe the cons in order to silence witnesses. Did he also kill the Glenn and its crew? Was the beast in his menagerie the reason? I don’t know if other have this issue, but I cannot follow the chat while I watch your streaming video. I have to open a second window to do both. I don’t want to try to video call until I figure that out. Also, can I video call using FaceTime, since I’m more familiar with it?

  3. JusenkyoGuide says:

    I’m surprised no one brought up Section 31. As soon as we got to the end of Ep 3 I just looked at the screen and said… Section 31. I’m getting SO much Section 31 off of this ship and definitely her captain. I admit the discussion about Michael’s declaration of following the Federation’s ideals vs what happened previously hadn’t occurred to me. That’s interesting.

    Also, THANK YOU guys for having Dr. Trek on. A lot of the FB groups I’m on have been non-stop kvetching about the supposed canon issues, but as the man himself said, what we remember is not what was on screen.

    Finally… I know you guys are two eps in, minus the rest of Mission Log, but really… I really, really wish that CBS had hired the two of you to do After Trek. I got more from this than that, and you guys don’t have the actual actors or producers on. Maybe you could bug your boss to do that exec-producer thing?

    • Konservenknilch says:

      They’re not exactly subtle about it, the USS Discovery is the NCC-1031… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      What I’m also curious about is why the shroom drive won’t work out in the end, since that’s obviously one thing which won’t survive the series. Prediction time: it turns out that the fungus is also really yummy, hence the TOS food cubes. Unfortunately, humanity gobbled up every last bit of it, so that was that.

      • Morgan Smith says:

        Brian Fuller likes Holloween, hense 10/31. Section 31 wouldn’t be so obvious to number their ships or to walk around with black badges – just in case someone was thinking about that too.

    • Matthew Burns says:

      In all fairness, would John and Ken have time to do After Trek? They seem to work hard to put these mission logs together. I’d imagine that After Trek involves a fair amount of prep work to get going every week too.

      • That would be a whole other level – but given the opportunity, I’m sure we’d find a way!

        • Matthew Burns says:

          I think you both have the capability – I think you’ve demonstrated that quite well with Mission Log. You both have good chemistry, are well spoken, and you both relate well with ‘Trek fans. I would love to see you given a chance on the big stage!

          • Konservenknilch says:

            On the other hand, in Matt Miras TNG podcast “The Next Conversation”, he was also a bit sad that he can’t talk about his own thoughts on the show all that much, so there’s that to consider.

    • Ricky Cucci Music says:

      I had the same thoughts about section 31. I keep thinking that this ship might be the inception of section 31 or an early extension of 31.

  4. Allen Gee says:

    Am I the only one that’s bothered by the use of the Delta to represent Starfleet? At this point in time, the Delta should only be representing the Enterprise shouldn’t it?

    • Morgan Smith says:

      A 1967 memo by Justman indicates it was originally intended that the delta was to be used in all “starship” class ships, that starbases and others would use different insignia. And you can see it in a few TOS episodes where crews not from the Enterprise do have the delta. In the course of production, the show screwed it up by making some other insignia for other crews. Overall it was by no means universal but nor is it barred for other crews to use the delta.

      • Allen Gee says:

        Thank you. That helps my psyche quite a bit. Can you remember where in TOS it shows up other than on Enterprise crews? I never caught that.

        • Morgan Smith says:

          Not totally. I know one is when Kirk is on a starbase, meeting an female friend in a bar type room. Maybe “Court Martial”? There are other crew there, but they don’t seem to be from the Enterprise based on their reaction to Kirk or what is being discussed.

          • Allen Gee says:

            Ok, I just watched Court Martial. Yep, Deltas at that bar throwing attitude towards Kirk. I guess I didn’t notice it because it’s not one of my favorite eps to pay attention to. Mind blown.

    • Jason8957 says:

      At some point just before this in the timeline the trademark transitioned from the Country Music Awards to Starfleet.

  5. Morgan Smith says:

    Just wanted to add a couple of points.

    As for Lorca killing the transport pilot: I don’t think so. While there is no on-screen evidence definitively either way, I think she was just rescued off screen and not dealt with because it wasn’t important to the story. The accident seems to happen while the shuttle is not at warp, but sitting (stalled?) in the “cloud” of species GS54. The pilot seems to be swept forward when her tether disengages, and immediately afterward the Discovery rescues the shuttle. Burnham also says that mid-flight the transport changed direction. I think that was the shuttle getting new orders to meet with Discovery. Also, the shuttle was allowed to leave with the prisoners. And given the latitude that Lorca says has been given to him, there shouldn’t be a problem with him just ordering the prisoner to be transferred to him.

    Site-to-site transport: A gangster is transported StoS in “A Piece of the Action” and it also occurs in “Day of the Dove”.

  6. Craig says:

    Hope this isn’t a dumb question, where’s Live Show #1.

    I’m in catch-up mode and trying to download them all.