Discovering “The Last Generation”

What began ten weeks ago ends tonight!  The #StarTrekPicard journey has ended – but did it end in a way that our callers expected?  Holly and Norm take listener calls about the episode that concluded this season and this Star Trek series.

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  1. Nathan Elke says:

    I quite enjoyed this season of Picard (well, I enjoyed ALL the seasons, too). It was great seeing the old characters and seeing how things had progressed. Nice, too, to see the interaction between Worf and Raffi – the chemistry between older and current characters was great!
    My only real disappointment was that the season REALLY focused on being a follow-up/send-off to TNG and seemed to forget, at times, that it WAS season 3 of an established show…this turned up, especially, in three ways:
    – it was confirmed that season 3 takes place 1-2 years after season 2. Seems unlikely; in that time, Seven joined Starfleet, got through training and rose to be FIRST OFFICER on a starship? and Raffi rejoined Starfleet, got in to the espionage section (forgetting the name), and had many distinguished actions? Doubtful
    – They come up against the Borg and DON’T call on the Jurati faction for help? At the very least, there should’ve been a mention of why they didn’t do that; it was a pretty HUGE threat to the entire existence of Starfleet …definitely time for an “all hands” response.
    – The show started with Picard and Laris, showing the stability and trust in their relationship with her insisting he had to answer the call from Beverly; I woiuld’ve expected (and wanted) a bookend scene with the two, upon his return…would’ve especially been interesting to see her meet Jack & Beverly.

    On another note, I would’ve liked some mention about the damage Starfleet took during that uprising, though I suppose that could be addressed in the hinted-at show featuring the Enterprise under Seven’s command. Realistically, Starfleet would’ve lost pretty much ALL their senior field staff, if Admiral Shelby’s horrific end is anything to go by. All the command officers “of a certain age” would’ve been slaughtered by the Borg/changelings aboard.
    But definitely, on the whole, Picard was great!