Discovering the Prologue

Episode 12 of Mission Log Live covers episode 13 of Star Trek: Discovery, “What’s Past is Prologue.” Apparently, you can only stare in the mirror so long. The crew of the Discovery has found a way back to its universe. But coming home doesn’t look a lot like coming home. Are you happy with the Mirror Universe plot? Did the societal messages resonate? Those topics and more are covered on this week’s show.

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  1. Mike Serpa says:

    The problem with the mirror universe is that if you think about it for more than ten seconds you realize it’s ridiculous. I can conceive of the multiverse, even one where every option forks into a new universe. But how do you get a universe with the same people, but “opposite”. They just happen to have had the same parents who had (the same? or different) lives who nevertheless conceived all the same people??? It just happens to have all the equivalent people as the prime universe just for this particular slice of time? (And whoops, a bunch of people were killed off in both universes, so not anymore.)

    I suppose you could come up with weird explanations, like it was a created universe by the Q or something, but come on. I hope they don’t keep going back to it when they need ideas. Discovery needs it’s own stuff, not rehashed ideas (that have already been rehashed.)

    That being said, I still like the show, and am intrigued with where it will go now.

  2. Scrappy says:

    This is turning into Game of Thrones now. You don’t know who is going to survive and you start to cheer for the evil characters like Georgiou. Discovery is getting better with each episode. My only criticism is that it needs more character development of the minor characters like Airiam and Keyla Detmer