Worf + one love interest + one child + one leader – one leader + two would be leaders – one love interest – one would be leader – one child = Reunion.

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  1. Will Wright says:

    “By the way…” Maybe it’s the wine talking, or maybe it’s just the lead cup, but I’m sorry to admit that almost didn’t click the play button ( but you know I did), cause what else is there to say? – I mean, compared to the original home video, yours is the BEst Episode description..ever ! There, I voted.

  2. Wildride says:

    “Your mother never told you what happened to your father.”
    “Nope — She really didn’t. I was just assuming it was you.”
    “Yeah, that’s where I was going with this.”

  3. Wildride says:

    “How did you become Chancellor, anyway?!?”
    “Farcical aquatic ceremony.”
    “That’s what I figured.”

  4. CmdrR says:

    In our weekly installment of ‘Weak Starfleet Security Moments’… the forward-facing right-hip phaser holster, forcing the guy to cross-draw with his left, then pass the phaser to his right. (You can see how him pass it back to his left to re-holster it.) Each guard holds his phaser in the hand that’s away from the actor he’s working with in this scene, making the other guy a lefty. Ha! “Wait, wait, before you jump me, just let me get this out…”

  5. CmdrR says:

    Lefty uses all his training to try and find the ‘fire’ button on his phaser.

  6. Barry Ingram says:

    Robert O’Reilly nails Gowron as a badass right out of the gate with the “You will die” (turns chair) “slowly” (smile) “Durassssss.”

  7. Troy Brooks says:

    Sorry to say this, but you saying this episode held up proves that you are much more forgiving of TNG than you were of the original series.
    Reunion didn’t work at all for me, and I’m not sure how you find anything interesting about it, assuming you ignore what comes later

    • Well, we weren’t discussing it based on what comes later but rather trying to take the episode on its own merits. We came to a different conclusion. That’s all.

      • Troy Brooks says:

        My complaint is that there were episodes of the original series that were clearly superior to this that you said didn’t hold up.

        • Our show is a discussion of ideas, not a ranking of every episode. We’re not trying to come up with a definitive list of which shows are better than others. Our “mission” is to talk about the ideas in the shows. Whether or not a single episode “holds up” for us in terms of entertainment value is a purely subjective thing.

          • regeekery - JD says:

            also, free willed humans tend to have differing opinions from eachother.

  8. deaddropsd says:

    “Alexander Rozhenko” Jon Paul Steuer

  9. deaddropsd says:

    “Duras” Patrick Massett

  10. deaddropsd says:

    “Gowron” Robert O’Reilly

  11. deaddropsd says:

    “K’Ehleyr” Suzy Plakson

  12. deaddropsd says:

    Klingon honor? ugh, well, just like false pride and blind patriotism/nationalism, hypocrisy doesn’t need to follow your rules. They just do what they want, as long as it inflates their ego. Worf shoulda off’d Duras back on Q’oNos. If the suicide bomber was in the room, you’d think he’d get close enough to get the job done…ennh, maybe he didn’t know it was inside him?

  13. JusenkyoGuide says:

    “K’mec, the emperor, is dying?!” John, PLEASE tell me I misheard that!

  14. Wildride says:

    So, I’m sure Alexander was happy to meet Jeremy Astor, which must have inevitably happened, right? They could play with Barash when he shows up next week.

  15. Dave Steph Taylor says:

    I gotta say, this episode was very gory for Star Trek.

  16. Ryan Peterson says:

    Not to be overly pedantic, but K’mpec is the High Chancellor, not the Emperor. It doesn’t change the drama much, but there’s a difference in the titles, and in the future episode “Rightful Heir,” Gowron points out that “There hasn’t been an Emperor in three centuries.”

  17. JusenkyoGuide says:

    Having thought about it some more, I think that Worf sending Alexander away was actually very much in character, not just “No, let’s not introduce a new semi-permanent cast member”.

    Think about it, Worf is, at that point in time, was still very much “I am Klingon! Hear me growl!” When was the last time you saw Klingon children aboard a Bird of Prey? Hell, when was the last time we saw ANY kind of close bond between fathers and YOUNG children? Since Klingons tend to be a martial society, it would make sense that they view the raising of young children as women’s’ work, not for a male warrior. When they are old enough to raise a Bat’leth, sure, but… not now. Now, I could be wrong, but for Worf himself who lost his father when younger, he simply has no role model to base any kind of father/son pairing on in the Klingon tradition. Given his current standing on the homeworld, that left his parents back on Earth.

  18. Ascarion says:

    So, basically, it boils down to:
    Reunion = Worf + one would be leader.

    Which means in the end Reunion is all about Worf’s meeting with Gowron.

  19. Will Wright says:

    That’s right – I’m a going to leave this right here …
    (Sorry – some days I just can’t help myself!)

    • regeekery - JD says:

      is that Christmas ornament? if it is, I need one. if it’s not then it should be!

  20. Luther Blissett says:

    ST:TNG has a moral weakness for the “you hurt the womenfolk – so I get to kill you!” justification of violence. Worf murders someone and gets off with a reprimand? If Worf murdered a Klingon child or woman, or killed someone over a point of honour, Picard would have to take serious disciplinary action – even if those killings were acceptable in Klingon culture.

    Klingon customs should not be a basis for anything – they use assassination as a part of normal ship life!

    Most modern legal systems don’t make exceptions for people who perform ‘honor-killings’ no matter what the cultural basis. You might get Worf’s charges reduced to manslaughter but he should go on trial.

    Worf was having a secret affair with a Federation Ambassador and hacked to the death one of the two candidates to rule the Klingon Empire because he suspected he had murdered his mistress. How exactly are the Starfleet history books going to describe this?

    Also Worf might as well have killed K’Ehleyr. It was his security detail who spectacularly failed to protect her, it was his refusal to share information with her that forced her to start digging into the files, it was his refusal to marry her that found her alone that night. Couldn’t she have locked her door?

    Also why does no one do simple first aid in Star Trek? Worf and Riker watch two Klingons bleed out in front of them. A stabbing victim who have a better chance of survival in a modern city than they would on a 24th century starship…

    Gowron’s face freaked me out as a kid, making Alexander stare at his dead mother freaks me out as an adult.

  21. Bob Little says:

    I have re-listened to this pod cast. Is this the first start trek episode where an Ambassador is not a total jerk?
    John has questioned why K’Ehleyr was not told the truth, “She can be trusted, she’s an Ambassador”. What in the history of TOS or Next Gen tells us we can trust Ambassador?