Supplemental 29 – Ten Essential TOS from STLV50

Ken and John return to the Rio. From the Roddenberry Interactive Stage and Lounge, Mission Log presents the 10 to 20 best or essential episodes of Star Trek: TOS, plus a few episodes of the animated series and one mention of Next Gen. But mostly TOS.

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  1. CmdrR says:

    I counted 17 episodes, plus references to Miri, What are Little Girls Made Of, and FishCats, which means The Slaver Weapon and Time Trap. Wish I could get to these Cons more often. Sounds like it was sloshy fun.

  2. Will Wright says:

    Where do I start ? I guess I’ll start with a “Thank You” for all the work that you do, and for all the thought that you guys put into the show – and 4 posting this a mere week after it was recorded. In responce, I’d like to state 4 the record that The scene in Star Trek Beyond w/ McCoy & Kirk that mirrors the scene in The Cage – was originally done in Star Trek II – TWOK. Star Trek III – also mirrors “The Menagerie” where in the roles of Kirk and Spock have been reversed. Also – Did you happen to notice how that Romulan guy in that one episode you liked so much just happened looked a lot like Spock’s Dad? Also – An Interesting question was asked? Was / Is peace the way? What type of future would Earth have had IF Germany Had indeed won WWII? Is peace what we desire , or do we desire the alternative? I believe the goal ( and in such – I think that Star Trek is always been about) is a peaceful future , but that “we” acknowledge the existence of evil and that need to “do the right thing” and stand up to it. Amazingly enough- I can’t believe with all the talk about “Who Mourns” and the rejection of the old Gods – that nether “Bread” or OMG – “Return of the Archons” wasn’t even mentioned – as much as John has stated he wanted to come back and revisit this episode @ some point. Speaking of TAS, cats and fur balls – was Spot ever allowed on the Bridge? Cuss purr – you know -the music in TAS is just 2 much for me 2 take anymore. Again – THX.

  3. GoodKirk says:

    Was great to hear Mission Log returning to TOS as I found this podcast after John and Ken had covered TOS.
    Ken sounded like he’d had a good time perhaps his Tranya had been laced with Corbomite!
    The podcast on Corbomite M. Helped appreciate that episode and what it was trying to convey as the first show produced apart from the pilots. Though I am surprised to see you place it as most essential compared to other thoughtful and more entertaining episodes.

  4. Will Wright says:

    I find it ironic that you guys happen to be discussing this now @ Trek’s 50th – and back in Sept 1991 – for Trek’s 25th Anniversary – They did THIS:
    The Star Trek Viewers Choice Top Ten Marathon

    • Will Wright says:

      According to the survey, the top 9 episodes were:
      #10 – Balance of Terror
      #09 – A Piece of the Action
      #08 – The Menagerie Part I #07 – The Menagerie Part II
      #06 – Space Seed
      #05 – Amok Time
      #04 – The Doomsday Machine
      #03 – Mirror, Mirror
      #02 – City of the Edge of Forever
      and the #1 episode as voted on by the
      views @ the time was
      ( believe it or not)

      The Trouble with Tribbles !

  5. Brian Crandall says:

    Any chance that Ken, John, or an enterprising listener could post the list? I didn’t have a pen and paper handy when listening and I’d like to go back and watch the episodes and then listen to the mission logs.

    • No problem!
      10 – The Cage
      9 – The Devil in the Dark
      8 – Amok Time
      7 – A Taste of Armageddon
      6 – Balance of Terror
      5 – Let That Ne Your Last Battlefield
      4 – The Enemy Within
      3 – Who Mourns for Adonais
      2 – The Magicks of Megas-Tu
      1 – The Corbomite Maneuver

      Honorable mentions:
      The Omega Glory
      The Cloud Minders
      The City on the Edge of Forever
      A Private Little War

      • Brian Crandall says:

        Awesome! Thanks to you and Ken for keeping me company on my long runs!

      • Will Wright says:

        Dear MLP @MLhostJohn:disqus – How is it that a TAS episode -“The Magicks of Megas – Tu” – which to me is THE story that was rehashed for Star Trek V ( easily the worst of the Original Series Films) ends up at #2 on your all time favorites list – and “Yesteryear” does NOT!?

        • Well, I thought we made a pretty good case for our choices in the show itself.
          In any case, “Yesteryear” is a fine episode about a specific moment in Spock’s background (as well as a relatable story for kids with pets).
          “Megas-Tu” on the other hand was a story which actually says something about the “morals/meanings/messages” that Star Trek tries to impart to the audience – something of substance about humankind’s relationship to the universe. It’s a theme that runs throughout Star Trek, sometimes done well (“Who Mourns…,” ST:TMP, “Who Watches the Watchers,” etc.) and sometimes done poorly like Star Trek V. The problems with that movie had more to do with production than the ideas at the heart of the story.