The Emissary

This week, a couple of blasts from the past. First, an old flame of Worf’s shows up. Then, a ship full of Klingons – frozen for 75 years and looking for a fight. She’s already been stuffed in a torpedo, so it should not hurt too much when we put The Emissary in the Mission Log.

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  1. Kristian Marie Kbot McKee says:

    The description of this episode has me cracking up at the last sentence. Another Thursday morning at work greatly enhanced by mission log.

  2. CmdrR says:

    Suzie Plakson really loves me. I enjoy this ep, even though there are some questions that just hang there. I love the Worf-K’Ehleyr chemistry. Whoever thought that taking a 75-year nap before battle was good strategy needs a stiff talking to. (In Speilberg’s ‘War of the Worlds,’ the ships sit in the ground for a million years. Jeez!!) All your intel would be out of date, along with your weapons. Dumb. Just dumb. They never explain what the benefit would be for the attacking ship. Anyway — it’s a CHARACTER story, and that’s hugely important. “I won’t bite. Oh, that’s right, I will.” LOVE!!!

    • mc900 says:

      Her acting is Awful in this epeisode!

      • CmdrR says:

        You may feel that way. I think she or the producers are trying to over-state her human traits and aggressive sexuallity — as well as her “kill em all and let Sto’Vo’Kor sort em out” attitude — all to be a contrast to Worf. She still does Klingon spandex justice.

      • I think she did a wonderful job. She showed much more emotion and nuance than most of the regular cast.

  3. Mihai Furtună says:

    Ken channels his inner Nostalgia Critic this week.
    “So you don’t have to” except most of the time he doesn’t remember it so we have to. 🙂

  4. Wildride says:

    Once again Worf is more Klingon than Klingon. He is so into the rules of being a Klingon because he didn’t spend enough time around real Klingons. It’s that “oh — parents are fallible” lesson that you invariably learn by growing into an adult, but he hasn’t really learned it with regards to Klingons. So he’s always disappointed when Klingons don’t measure up to the ideal, storybook Klingons in his head.

    He only starts to gradually learn it around the time of the Klingon civil war.

    Oh, and of course the probe has warp engines, even if it doesn’t have nacelles. You can’t just launch something at warp and expect it to keep going. They do establish some kind of warp momentum (how long it takes for the warp bubble to collapse) later on, but warp fields decay pretty quickly and you wouldn’t get very far. Everything that travels at warp, including photon torpedoes, has warp drive. But the smaller the object, the smaller the engine needed to drive it.

    Also, warp is non-inertial because you’re not moving in space, you’re moving space and dragging the ship along with it. Inertial dampers would avoid the Emissary squishing that you mentioned. It would be no different than going to warp in a ship.

  5. Sugar Skull Pete says:

    Was Geordi saying he could tell when someone is lying, a lie itself?

    • dumaskepler62 says:

      Perhaps, though in season 5 he reveals he can see through the cards…and proves it, accurately.

  6. rocketdave says:

    So disappointed in you guys. I kept waiting for a, “What, we’re doing the Deep Space Nine pilot already?” joke, but it never happened. Seems like a missed opportunity. 😉

    • Benji Stanley says:

      Well, they TRY to not break the timeline and basically pretend that whatever the episode of the week is, is the latest episode, and look at it from the standpoint that there are no other episodes yet beyond that one. Plus the TNG episode is “The Emissary” and DS9’s pilot is just “Emissary”

    • deaddropsd says:

      I had that thought too….

      • rocketdave says:

        Well, not all is lost. After all, when they finally do get to the DS9 pilot, one of them could always say, “Hey, I thought we already did this episode!”

  7. Troy Brooks says:

    Am I the only one who thought this episode seemed like something you’d find on a fanfic site? K’Ehleyr is the obvious Mary Sue, the main antagonists don’t show up until the end (and are no real threat to the ship), and of course there’s a sex scene in the holodeck.

    • I think you’re over-simplifying the plot. I don’t understand how she was a Mary Sue…? It could have moved faster, bringing in the Klingons sooner, but this was more of a Worf character study. Also, I think budget limitations keep them from doing too much with them. I thought it was an excellent ep, and I’ve never been that wild about Klingon stories.

  8. deaddropsd says:

    Suzie Plakson

  9. CupidsArt says:

    The other problem with Geordi playing Poker to think about would be his ability to analyze materials. His visor could theoretically give him the identity of cards. If the visor can look at/through layers (using the electromagnetic spectrum) of materials and tell Geordi their compounds. A playing card would be small potatoes being that the combination of materials would differ from the card medium to the “ink” that makes up each cards identity.

  10. Low Mileage Pit Woofie says:

    Regarding the possibility of non-human hybrids, how about a Klingon-Betazed? Someone who can hit an opponent and feel their pain at the same time?

  11. KatieN says:

    The K’ehleyr character feels a little played out to me, speaking as a 2017 viewer. The stubborn, neurotic woman who uses her quick wit as a shield- who only needs a good lay to ruffle her feathers. Plus the panic about commitment that can be too-obviously traced back to her father issues. Maybe she would have felt fresh in the 1980’s but now she’s a canned female archetype. It’s not a bad character, just one I’ve seen a million times.