The Podcast Summit

August 17, 2016

At the 2016 Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, we were proud to take to the Roddenberry Interactive Stage to present the Podcast Summit with some of our favorite friends and colleagues. The discussion ranged from distinguishing ourselves in the crowded field of Trek podcasting, the marker of success to the types of audience feedback we get. You can listen to the audio-only podcast courtesy of TrekGeeks or watch the video below from our friends at Priority One.

Thank you again to all participants: TrekGeeks, The G and T Show, TrekMovie, Women at Warp, Priority One, TrekRadio, TrekFM.

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  1. CmdrR says:

    So, you DO have faces!

  2. Earl Green says:

    As someone who also casts his pods hither and yon on various topics, I advise any and all fellow podcasters to listen to the latter 1/3 or so of this show dealing with feedback, both of the positive and trolling variety. This is some of the best advice you will ever hear on this topic.

    On a side note, I plan to make a concerted effort to seek out and listen to more of the shows whose hosts participated in this. Podcasting is a lot like writing – you learn to do it well by seeing how other people do it well.