John and Ken


Another one from Star Trek Las Vegas 2015

Your Star Trek Pals would like to introduce you to some of their Star Trek Pals from the 2015 Creation Convention in Las Vegas. You’ll meet costumer-extraordinaire Brooke, the Commodore of Barfleet, Trek designer Rick Sternbach and Rosemary the rocket scientist! It’s a look at more of the diverse community that makes Trek fandom tick.

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  1. Thomas Kozak says:

    Thanks again for the opportunity to talk up Barfleet! I really can’t wait to party with both of you again, and we are really looking forward to our major mission at Trek 50 in Vegas next year.

  2. Marcase says:

    Really enjoying these convention recaps. As I live on the other side of the world it’s a chance to enjoy the global Trek community from afar.

    Thanks again John, Ken and Rod for creating Mission Log, it’s a terrific recap tour that allows me to enjoy and relive Trek (I couldn’t stop laughing when you mentioned that it was Riker who could’ve been behind the introduction of the Horgahn in the first place) and discover the hidden secrets and gems unknown to us mere mortals – the memo on missing hair goods is hilarious.

    Keep on Trekking, greetings from Holland,

  3. deaddropsd says:

    I really want to go to a convention…last time was the 1992 TNG w the whole cast celebrating their 5th year… I can bring my…

  4. Will Wright says:

    That drawing kind of reminds me of this original TV Guide ( Miami) ad.

  5. Will Wright says:

    Not to mention this….

  6. Star Trek Sandy says:

    I’m going to Vegas. I’ll be in the vendor room at the “These Are The Voyages: TOS” author Marc Cushman.

  7. JusenkyoGuide says:

    I did it! Today, June 9, 2016 with this supplemental I have finally caught up with all of Mission Log! I’ve enjoyed having people to ‘talk’ Trek with again (Japan’s kinda barren on that). Haven’t always agreed with you, but always enjoyed you.

    Now though… what the heck do I listen to while waiting for the weekly releases?

    • Wow! Nicely done (and thank you). Well, you’ve got some down time each week. We spend that time watching episodes, but there are some other good podcasts out there to check out too.