Discovering “Imposters”

Familiar faces are definitely a thing in this season of Star Trek: Picard, but were you expecting THAT face? John, Holly, and special guest Jessie Gender – and Mission Log Live’s callers – dissect the “Imposters”.

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  1. Ryan Peterson says:

    You know, I just have to point out one … kind of ironic nit pick.

    When Shaw is giving his chicken/egg list, he mentions the Devron system. I have to wonder about that. Should he have thought to list it? I mean, from his perspective, it never actually happened. He may have read about it from Picard’s logs or mission debrief (And how likely is Shaw to read more about Picard than he has to?), but in the end, it never actually happened. That was kind of the whole point of the issue.

    The ironic part is that it’s the absolutely most chicken/egg example in all of Picard’s career. It just never happened … ?

  2. Nathan Elke says:

    Just getting caught up on Live podcast.
    re: the “overuse” of Ten Forward…one thing you have to remember is that it isn’t Picard’s ship; if it was The Enterprise, or even if the Titan was Riker’s ship again, they’d be in the Captain’s ready room or the conference room, which TNG showed ALL the time, and didn’t seem odd at all.

    • Well, what I was getting at is that “Ten Forward” (the physical bar on Earth) has now become this retconned invention that is deemed *so* important that everyone everywhere knows about it and even spends their time in holodeck recreations of it. By doing that, it can come across as less special than “the” Ten Forward (named for its deck location) and just another way to be clever and make the Trek universe a little smaller. The ready room and conference rooms were physical locations on the ship with a working purpose. We would expect to see high-level conversations happening all the time in those.