All Good Things

Captain Picard is moving back and forth through time. That’s the quickest way to get to the beginning. It is seven-years ago, and mankind is being put on trial by Q – not again, but still. Once again, Picard has to save humanity. But this will be trickier than any time before, since Q says it is Picard that will destroy humanity. We are going to miss them, but All Good Things is headed into the Mission Log.

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  1. Dave Steph Taylor says:

    All Good Things. . . must come to an end. Or has it??

    Joking aside, a fitting end to this 7 year journey. Not sure the science quite works, but I’ll let it slide one last time.

  2. Konservenknilch says:

    Can’t really believe you finally made it this far. Mission Log was the first podcast I ever subscribed to back in 2014, and you just barely started with TNG then.

    Haven’t listened to the episode yet, but I’ll join the chorus anyway and say this was probably the best finale in any Trek series.

  3. JusenkyoGuide says:

    I’ve been waiting for this… Another series done, thanks for the ride!

  4. Pete2174 says:

    And here we are. All Good Things.
    Sorry,hang on, I have something in my eye. Ok. I have a love/hate relationship with this episode. I love it for being a great Star Trek episode, for making me think about my life and choices made/yet to be made, yet I hate it as it’s the end of TNG on TV and therefore then end of a part of my life (it started when I was in high school about to take exams, and finished when I was 20 and now in full time employment).

    Like Ken said I always ensured I watched the show as it aired (when possible, difficult at the start here in the UK). I have vivid memories of renting the VHS (remember them?) of Encounter at Far point, watching it with my friends intently as we took everything in, getting to know this new crew, desperately trying not to compare this crew to Kirk et al.

    This was my show. I remember being totally shocked at Tasha’s meaningless death, the horror of having to wait to see part 2 of Best of Both Worlds.Taking the journey of the Enterprise D along with its
    crew (my crew, I wish I could’ve been a potato peeler on that ship).

    Back to AGT. Sure it’s not perfect compared to other TNG episodes but it is a perfect way to wrap the series up. Taking it back to EAFP is a work of genius in my opinion. Other Trek series may come and impress me (some more than others) but there will always only ever be one TNG and as much as I love TOS it doesn’t hold a candle to TNG for me. The final
    shot of the bridge crew playing cards with Picard and then panning out is a perfectway to end this…

    I miss this show so much but am so glad it’s on constant repeat on various channels here in the UK, plus I have my Blu-ray’s to watch whenever I feel like it.
    John/Ken. You’ve done this show proud so congrats to you both. Was it intentional to have John do both the recap for this & EAFP??

    • deaddropsd says:

      I share your sentiment…this was a show from my teens, early adulthood. I am 45, Class of 1990, so TBOBW happened when I was graduating high school and that summer I looked forward to a new chapter in several ways…I joined the Army in 1992 and got back from basic training w episodes on VHS w/o commercials from a promise by my 14 year old sister. I always liked TOS in re-runs as a kid, but in 1987 TNG stepped up their game w nearly movie quality special fx and a cast I was getting first crack at to get to know. Although, I eventually LOVED DS9 bit more due to the gritty realism, TNG is always special to me for being my Saturday 7pm ritual on XETV channel 6 in San Diego for 7 years. You could tune in the audio on 87.9 FM and listen to episodes while driving…or at work! It was awesome. I had TNG pins, comics, made the Starfleet symbol to label my books, inner jacket to identify, home made bumper sticker (white adhesive paper cut to form Starfleet delta symbol), trash can, key chain….and yes, even had a uniform custom made…ugh, the one piece jumper one… so yes, this show is very special to me. Thanks to Ken and John for giving us this forum as a window to look back at our youth and love of Star Trek!!

  5. Earl Green says:

    Unused ad slick for TV listings magazines distributed to stations carrying TNG in 1994. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/674102896c4ae9807f39c0faca51480df5284b3839ab076a1f1b2349168fbda7.jpg

  6. Earl Green says:

    Unused textless ad slick for TV listings magazines distributed to stations carrying TNG
    in 1994; this was for the confusingly named “Journey’s End”
    behind-the-scenes special (but…wasn’t that also an episode?).


  7. Scott Newland says:

    John and Ken, my wife and I anticipated this podcast by watching the entire episode via my original 1994 recording of the show, including the commercials that aired with it. It was a wonderful re-immersion, of course. Such a well-done finale of a deserving series! Thank you so much for the last 2-1/2 years of podcasts of TNG. I’ve enjoyed the rewatching, and your analyses that have deepened my appreciation for what the series represented. It was not always great, but it remains the best Trek series to date in my opinion. I look forward to DS9 and beyond with you!

    As to those commercials: Intel Pentium! Beverly Hills Cop III! The Cowboy Way! The Flintstones Movie! TWA! Circuit City sale! Isuzu Rodeo! Keebler Chachos! Tales from the Crypt!…

  8. Steve Sheridan says:

    Ken and John’s Mission Log Morals, Meanings and Messages summary for the entire TNG series. You can find the spreadsheet for TNG and TOS series here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FXppzGrZUXU2GF6UmzmC7yy5nTgSt0GinEEsCPdxgCc/edit?usp=sharing https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3281d1481e1f00295395849ba2f51cbcfea0ddf7ef292038d4866c8829988acc.png

  9. Bob Little says:

    Can anyone tell me why we had the angry villagers are in this episode as well as Far Point?
    Every time they were on screen they took me out of the show.

    • deaddropsd says:

      they were the post nuclear World War III people from “Q”s kangaroo court in “Encounter at Farpoint”

      • Bob Little says:

        I knew they were from far point but was their any symbolism in them being there? They seem out of place and random. I want to see a deeper meaning however I just found them bothersome.

        • gizmochimp says:

          Q is dressed as judge from the post-atomic holocaust era. Evidently this was a very awful time in human history, so this Q’s way of pointing out to Picard just how bad and inhuman humans can be. The angry mob just reinforce that. It’s up to Picard to prove that humanity can be better than that.

  10. gizmochimp says:

    Just want to thank Ken and John for doing such a great job reviewing TNG and Trek in general. TNG specifically is such a big part of my life, and listening to Mission Log has been like watching them again for the first time, and with two people who love the show as much as I do.

  11. gizmochimp says:

    I haven’t listened to this episode yet, but I wanted to point out a logic problem that’s always bothered me about it. When future Picard goes to the site of the backwards-in-time-moving anomaly, it doesn’t exist yet. But it SHOULD. It should be there when they arrive, just small and shrinking to the very point when they decide to scan it. Instead it’s not there at all until they scan, then it shows up, expanding forward in time, instead of backwards. I don’t think they really thought this through…

    • deaddropsd says:

      check the FB thread…there is a bit about that blooper…

    • Akrovah says:

      There is that, and also the problem of the tachyon beams. It is stated all three beams have the same frequency, like they all came from the Enterprise, but one of them is from the Pasture. The entire creation of the anomaly is problematic.
      That said, “All Good Things…” is, I think, still the best series finale Trek ever produced.

      • gizmochimp says:

        Agreed, for all its logic problems, it’s just a great emotional wrap-up and I always feel satisfied when I hear Picard say “…and the skies the limit.”

  12. Troy Brooks says:

    As to Ken’s take on Disco, there’s a scene upcoming in DS9 I’m looking forward to hearing his take on. Cisco saying “It’s easy to be a saint in paradise!”

  13. nathankc says:

    I like Q. I love DeLancie’s portrayal. Every Q episode is an automatic, no brainer, I’m watching it, decision. I needed to have that preface though because…..I think it was the post-recap conversation that really triggered my thoughts here.

    Q is supposed to be testing Picard’s ability to expand his mind, since he’s the speartip of humanity, and if Picard can’t, then humanity is done and the Q might as well end them now. Well, here’s the thing – I don’t buy the Q’s interest in humanity as coming from a place of universal altruism / protection. Are we really saying that with all of the terrible, awful things humans have done to each other and across the galaxy, that *now*, at our most advanced state, egalatarian and peaceful state, they’ve decided humanity is done? If they exist outside of, beyond time, couldn’t they have figured this out already and done in humanity at the outset and saved the galaxy a lot of trouble? I don’t buy it. Q is a meddlesome ne’er do well. We see that constantly, and in how other species, and even his own kind view him. It’s more likely he is just screwing with Picard and humanity, and hit on this whole ‘trial’ and the heroic, upstanding nature of Picard to get him [Picard] to go along with Q’s games. The elaborate setup is part of the game and putting Picard a position of moral responsibility for the entire human race is the only thing that could get him to even consider tolerating Q.

  14. Roberto says:

    Thanks to John and Ken for their wonderful Star Trek podcasts. Listening to this All Good Things podcast made me a bit emotional too. Simultaneously happy and sad.

    • Pete2174 says:

      You too huh? 😢

      • Scott Newland says:

        Agreed. I also thought about John’s “wish fulfillment” comment in the podcast on “The Neutral Zone”. The TNG Enterprise represents the sort of future I’d like to live in, and it’s sad to think that this is the ending of the series that depicted that vision of the future.

  15. Earl Green says:

    Note to self: I’ve decided not to tell my future Mission Log listeners that I’m actually from the future, because reasons.

    I remember watching the live satellite feed of this on a weeknight; the show normally fed on Saturdays and Sundays, but because it was a 2-hour special, they had to change the schedule. I worked at a TV station that did *not* carry TNG at that time…but I took the liberty of watching and recording the live feed anyway.

    I felt All Good Things was …mostly satisfying. Yes, there’s a lot of fanservice, but it’s not like indulging in that here was going to get the show cancelled or anything. The knowledge that Generations was mere months away dampened my enthusiasm at the time – once again, you knew nothing terrible would happen to the regulars, because there were already photos of them from the filming of the movie. You knew the “shock” death of Troi wouldn’t stick. I guess what I’m saying is: there was an opportunity to do Big Ballsy Things here and have them stick, but instead, we play it safe and hit CTRL-Z at the end of it all: undo! That fake-out was used waaaaaay too many times in TNG; it was faintly insulting to have it turn up in the finale of all places. If not for the heartfelt performances the sell the importance of it all, I’d be crying foul more loudly.

    I don’t think you guys drew any attention to this, but I was mildly annoyed by the late, great Andreas Katsulas’ guest spot here. The weekly post-pilot-movie series of Babylon 5 had started in January 1994, and by the time AGT aired, those of us who were happily watching both knew what a fantastic actor Andreas was. My problem here is that he’s nothing like the cold, calculating, low-boil-menace that he had shown Tomalok to be in his prior appearances. He’s effectivley Tomalok-as-G’Kar here. Maybe that was the director’s call, or maybe it was Andreas’ Narn muscle memory overpowering his memory of how Tomalok had been played before, but it momentarily took me right out of the show. You know which Romulan would’ve been awesome there? The guy from the Pegasus. (I have nothin’ but love for Andreas Katsulas, but he just seemed over-the-top compared to his past TNG performances.)

    The return to 1987 Data was funnier than it had any right to be, to say nothing of Colm Meaney having to squeeze into a slightly less forgiving Starfleet uniform than what they had on DS9 at the time.

    I have problems with All Good Things, but unless you count Star Trek: Continues’ recent finale, it may well be the best ending any of the Trek series have had.

    • Roger Birks says:

      TNG is what it is. AGT is not suddenly going to be something different to the previous 176 episodes.The reset button was part of the charm of TNG experience – You go on an adventure each week, problems happen, problems get resolved, resolution, a new adventure next week.

    • deaddropsd says:

      OHhhhhhhHhh how I often dreamed, wondered about talking to my future self when I was 20-25…sigh…holy cow that went fast….the only way I see to send messages to the past is talking to my younger co-workers and nephews!!hahahaha. Andreas Katsulas should have been in every season at least once….fleshed him out and the Romulan Star Empire more would have been a good way to go before..ugh “Nemesis”- I still gotta catch up on STC!

  16. deaddropsd says:

    For all of us fans…I am just curious…when did YOU join Mission Log Podcast? I started at the end of S2 w “Shades of Grey”….backtracked a little but that was first…

    • Pete2174 says:

      My first weekly episode was The Outcast but I must’ve listened to a good few prior to that after hearing John on the Kiss podcast 31/10/16.

    • Earl Green says:

      I started listening…they were still toward the end of TOS, I think it was during the long dark underemployment interval of my soul in 2013. Didn’t start pestering everyone in the comments until much later. LOL

      • deaddropsd says:

        Hahahaha I have enjoyed your comments VHS buddy!! ahhahaa, onto the Gamma Quadrant!

        • Earl Green says:

          Never forget the “8 episodes at SLP” mantra! Kids who grew up in the DVD era have no idea what they missed: a lotta manual pause-button labor.

          • deaddropsd says:

            it required EFFORT and CONSISTENCY. I am still looking for a VHS tape I have…6 hours of just T.V. introductions…..”Leave it to Beaver, Knight Rider, I Love Lucy, Babylon 5, Friday the 13th, The Sentinel,” arrgh..can’t recall some of the more exotic ones…plan is to get it all up to youtube…when I find it!

    • Scott Newland says:

      Late in the TOS run. I may be wrong about this, but I heard Ken and John interviewed on another podcast and heard about it that way. I was immediately hooked and enjoyed several weeks of binge-listening to catch up on all that I’d missed.

    • nathankc says:

      Midway through TOS I think. I was binge listening to MissionLog and TrekFM as I was remodeling our house. I can point to rooms and hallways and say “that room was ‘The Orb’, that hallway was MissionLog, that room was ‘The Ready Room'” 😀

    • Scrappy says:

      I started when mission log was in TNG season 2 or 3. But I started from TOS first. That didn’t take long though because when I started TNG it was still in season 3

    • Roger Birks says:

      Trekmovie.com was the site that made me aware of mission log, back in about June 2014, with The Motion Picture. I’ve been addicted ever since!

    • Eryn Mills says:

      To be honest, I don’t recall how I ended up here or exactly when. I think it was during Season three of TOS. Maybe. It was probably a facebook post from one of the trek sites I follow that got me here. I had actually not listened to any podcast before, and when I found out this was like listening to NPR in Star Trek form, I was hooked! I have minor conniptions when John and Ken take a break during the holidays to…I don’t know, spend time with their families or something.

    • Will Wright says:

      From the very beginning. As a matter of fact – I even wrote this little piece in my blog and made mention of the podcast in this piece about Episode Six. Notice the date. http://2x-file.blogspot.com/2012/09/im-with-dr-mccoy-dear-god-man-please.html

  17. Roger Birks says:

    Ken and Ray, honestly, you should have put in Picards line “Five cards stud, nothing wild, the sky’s the limit…” to end this mission log episode. I know you probably are cautious of copyright, but I cannot imagine that it would cause much of a problem for a small snippet of dialogue from a very special episode..

    All Good Things… is a very satisfying wrap-up for the TV show. Patrick Stewart is an absolute champion.

    • deaddropsd says:

      Patrick Stewart is next level acting…just a treat to see him perform! I got to see his one man “A Christmas Carol” back in 1993? at UCSD San Diego…so cool!

  18. JasonCMcLean says:

    This was so much better a sendoff for the TNG crew than Nemesis was. Great job covering TNG John and Ken, Looking forward to your take on DS9, a series that I really got into recently as an adult than I did when I was a teenager.

    • Pete2174 says:

      What’s Nemesis…? 😉

      I agree with you about DS9. I enjoyed it so much more as an adult than I did on it’s first run.

    • deaddropsd says:

      Sadly, they had NO IDEA what they were doing in “Nemesis” or “Insurrection” for that matter. Just flapped around like a fish out of water…. “First Contact”…- could have been much better in my opinion. I always wish TNG had pushed “The Best of Both Worlds” back to S5 finale, get Picard off Enterprise x 6-8 episodes, leave Riker as Captain, then S6 finale is Riker has to leave Enterprise but PROPOSES TO TROI!!!!!, wedding episode and tearful goodbyes ensue. USS Titan returns for final story arc and “All Good Things….” sigh…. I never liked the cramming of Kirk and Picard together in “Generations”…just too forced. In my head canon, we would have waited FIVE YEARS after the “All Good Things…” and the first TNG movie. Need to build up some anticipation….USS Titan rescues a Dominion battered 1701-D and that’s when it gets destroyed!! Wow…now I am just getting carried away….

  19. Jason8957 says:

    I love this episode, but two things have bothered me.

    Q makes Picard promise not to tell anyone when he reveals that he is responsible for Picard’s traveling through time. But the first thing Picard does when he gets back is to tell everyone that Q is sending him through time.

    The Enterprise crew reports three merging tachyon beams and that they all originate from the Enterprise. But one of the tachyon beams is from the Pasteur. That just irritates the heck out of me.

    And old bearded Picard looks too much like Santa Claus for my comfort.

    Data’s maid reminds me of Mrs. Potts in the Beauty and the Beast cartoon.

    Why couldn’t Picard find his way to Ten-Forward on the future Enterprise. Did they move deck 10?

  20. Scrappy says:

    I think All Good things is the most amazing series finale of any show because it feels just like another episode of TNG. Yet it signals the end of their 7 year journey but the start of much more adventures aboard the Enterprise.
    DS9 is my favourite but TNG will always be the flagship series of Star Trek. TNG has always been a source of comfort whether I’m having a bad day or need to relax before big events or just want to watch a good hour of television. These characters have become friends that I love to bits and the ending leaves me very hopeful that the crew will have many more good memories together. I just wish we could have seen them.

    • Pete2174 says:

      These characters have become friends that I love to bits. Absolutely. This is exactly how I feel about them.

      • Roger Birks says:

        For me, this touches a nerve.
        I never have enjoyed a very close family, still do not, sadly.
        The TNG characters feel like a family I would love to be apart of, and in some small way, I feel apart of that family as I watch the series progress from EAF through to NEM.

  21. John Anderton says:

    So. The message of this episode is that we should all come together to solve our problems and take risks? You mean like what happens in every episode?

    Jordie getting together with Leah and Crusher with Picard and Worf and Riker not getting together with Troi and O’Brien fixing stuff means something? And Denise Crosby?

    And all the equivocating of all the crew – testing thier blind loyalty – is that it? Did anyone ask Ro about that? Is this melodrama or drama?

    And Picard – first randomly causing and then randomly solving the last techno-babble crisis.

    And all of this is supposed to mean that Q should save humanity?

    My friends, this is a ridiculous episode!

    • Pete2174 says:

      No more ridiculous than other episodes of TNG. Its a wonderful ending to a wonderfully series.

      • John Anderton says:

        I wish it made sense – like in Tapestry where Picard actually learns the value of risk by showing Picard as a Private. Or when we think what actually defines life in Measure of a Man. These episodes might give Q a reason to spare us.

        • Pete2174 says:

          Why does it need to make sense? It’s science FICTION. It’s a fun farewell to to our heroes. Enjoy it for what it is. There’s enough episodes that do make sense.

          • John Anderton says:

            I certainly enjoyed it at the time. But the more I thought about it, the more difficult it became to defend it. Until at last I realized to maintain the consistency of my thoughts and the integrity and reliability of my remarks I could do nothing but write what I wrote.

  22. Robert Karma says:

    I remember having a viewing party to watch the last episode of TNG way back in May of 1994. I grew up in the 70s watching TOS in syndication. TNG was the first Star Trek series I was able to watch from the start. The 7 years the series ran saw a number of major changes in my life. I hated to see TNG end as I felt they still had plenty of adventures left with the Enterprise-D crew. John & Ken covered the finale in their typical insightful manner. So I will offer a few thoughts as I reflect upon this episode. Q was awesome. John de Lancie is one of the best guest stars in all of Star Trek. I wish the series could have explored the Q Continuum in more depth and the great chasm between these godlike beings versus we mundane humans. Data nailed it that Q viewed Picard like a favorite pet. I was thinking along the lines of having a bright pet rat that seemed to do mazes well. It was also a pleasure to have the interaction between the members of the crew/family as we kept jumping the timeline despite Troi being dead in the future. The final scene with Picard joining the poker game still brings a tear to my eye when I watch it. This is what makes TNG different from the other series especially Discovery in that it had the purest sense of optimism for humanity’s future with the “Sky’s the limit” philosophy. I agree with Ken that the one criticism I have of Discovery is that it depicts humanity in a time of war and how that forces our heroes to compromise their sense of ethics and values. We also had that theme explored in DS9. TNG was the most maturely realized version of the Roddenberry expression of humanity having a Secular Humanist future where we evolve past our current prejudices and embrace the exploration of both space and ourselves. I know I am jumping the gun a little here but I thought that the story in “All Good Things…” was executed better than the movie “Generations.” I’m sure John & Ken will get into how they were created at nearly the same time by the same writers with their next podcast. This was a fantastic ending to a fantastic series that will never be matched by another because it happened at the right time in my life. I am older and less optimistic than I was when I was in my 20s. Now somebody deal those cards and let’s play some poker.

  23. Will Wright says:

    So Q says it’s about
    “Exploring the unknown Possibilities Of Existence” – right?
    I was wondering if that is code for
    “Discovering Shifting Quantum Realities ?”
    Let me explain.
    Because I truly believe everybody got “All Good things” all wrong.
    After much careful thought & consideration –
    I’ve come to the conclusion that Picard was NOT,
    repeat, NOT Time traveling. At All. Period.
    Cause If ( ? ) he were – by the time he jumped “Back to the Future”, THAT future would have been altered by the changing of the events in the past. But – alas – they were NOT. ( Unlike what “happened” in “Yesterday’s Enterprise”.) Hello- McFly!
    Anyone here remember Doc Brown’s Time Travel Lecture?
    The events in “Season One Picard’s” ( as John put it) time are altered by the different actions by that Picard and Crew – without anyone in da “present” remembering those events in the way they have now been unfolding for “our” Picard. SO – hold the phone.
    Here’s my theory.
    In “Parallels” Worf shifts between numerous versions of an Infinite number of possible realities. The theory goes that All Good ( & Bad ) Things that are possible, actually happen in an infinite number of Parallel Universes, and “our” version of Worf “moved” between them while maintaining all of his original memories. Correct? Check.

    Now –
    THAT is Exactly what I believe is actually happening to “our” Picard here.
    But since it is Q that is causing it – Q controls what “Quantum Reality “ Picard jumps in and/or out of. He just thinks he’s time traveling – cause that’s the way he comprehends it, and therefore he describes what is happening to him in that manner. Q knows that trying to explain to Picard what’s going on would be a little much – so when Picard says “Time Shifts” – Q just says yes. After all – it’s a test, similar in a way to the very 1st Test Q requires Picard to solved in “Encounter at Farpoint””

    Simply “discover / solve the Mystery of Farpoint Station” – Simply discover & solve the mystery of the Spacial Anomoly- right?

    All This may be because writer Brandon Braga Originally had intended to focus the “Parallels” story on Picard, but changed it to be about Worf., which may be just one of the reasons why the whole Worf-Diana / Riker story line was further explored in All Good Things?

    Don’t believe me? Well – check out this pic. . The Image on the left is from the “future” Enterprise D in “All Good Things.” The one on the right is the Bridge of one of the Enterprise’s as seen in“Parallels”!https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bc1c33e2aeaa010eb12de7176ddde0098c000d0d12517ef4d4940885993719e9.png

    • Scrappy says:

      I also thought it wasn’t time travel. I felt that the Picard at Farpoint could have recorded a personal log for 7th season Picard so even if the timeline had been unaffected despite different events occurring, the log will still be there explaining it all.

    • Dave Steph Taylor says:

      I can buy that.

      The idea that nothing in the past affects the future tends to make me think that this was real time travel

    • Will Wright says:

      @MLhostJohn:disqus = great Series ending Podcast – but was surprised you didn’t mention anything about what I just stated in my comments above.

  24. Mike Serpa says:

    Isn’t Data the one who initially suggested the Tachyon pulse? I think Jean Luc was getting a bad rap.

  25. deaddropsd says:

    What was “Q” about to whisper in Picard’s ear?…….
    “You are “Q” too, you just don’t know it……yet…..”

  26. Todd Waters says:

    GENERATIONS is coming up. I know this movie is spoken of negatively often, but i have to admit, that means little to me. Captain’s Kirk and Captain’s Picard on the same screen, there simply are just no words for this. Those two on screen together we the daydreams some Trek fans had at times.The What Ifs, and the I wonder ifs…

    And then it happened. Call it hand off or passing of the Guards, I don’t care. I just enjoyed seeing My Captains on the same screen.

  27. CmdrR says:

    Can’t believe I didn’t listen the morning this podcast hit. I was on a cruise. Stupid cruise! Ah well, something to come home to.

  28. CmdrR says:

    No mention of Wesley? I know, he’s not on the ship… but… no mention?

    • Pete2174 says:

      I guess Wesley had his farewell a few episodes previous with the Native Americans in space.

  29. Todd Waters says:

    Generations: Has anyone ever noticed in the movie, for a split second you can see that Warf was sitting on a barstool in one scene? i don’t remember the time mark. Hmm, maybe I should re watch now.