Discovering “Farewell” and “Strange New Worlds”

All the shows! All the hosts! All the calls! John, Holly, and Norman discuss the Picard season 2 finale, and then Heather joins Norman and John to discuss the first episode of Strange New Worlds.

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  1. Pete says:

    Strange New Worlds was great. Totally and utterly nailed it & actually felt like a Star Trek show for once.

    Picard? Utter tosh.

  2. Ryan Peterson says:

    To respond to the question of “Why was Q working to stop Renée at all? What did he hope to get from that?”
    Remember, this whole adventure started because Q disrupted the timeline and sent Picard back to learn his own personal lesson. All actions that Q took to stop Renée Picard were him disrupting the timeline which is the whole thing that started this off. The part that seems to be confusing people is the fact that they have to experience the timeline linearly from Picard’s perspective. But it can’t be understood linearly. Remember that they have to try to stop events that have already happened. That’s all we’re seeing with Q trying to stop the mission.