A powerful alien transports the USS Voyager and a Maquis raider to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, stranding them in the Delta Quadrant. Mission Log kicks off coverage of Star Trek: Voyager with the pilot episode, Caretaker.

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  1. Mike from Romania says:

    During the discussion, I heard Norm say the words “make a decision and live with it”.
    My question is, why do you duck points from Sisko for making a decision and living with it, but not Janeway?

  2. Jeff Czarnecki says:

    I’ve been waiting for you guys to get here ! The amount of negativity that seems to have targeted this show I constantly find confusing and unwarranted. I hope you give it a fair shake. I love all the treks for different reasons but without question voyager is the most under rated of them all. Outstanding cast and characters, great vibe, great writing by a lot of great trek writers, and I love all the 2 parters. I never get tired of voyager. Can’t wait to hear the next 7 seasons !

    • Thanks, Jeff! And yes, we definitely want to give it a fair shake. The nice thing about doing the podcast the way we do, it creates a bit of distance for us to step back from our own preconceptions of a show. Looking forward to this journey.

    • Bilateralrope says:

      I will confess to be one of those people being negative about Voyager. However, after rewatching the pilot I’m now aware that some of my reasons for being negative were me misremembering details.

      Add in that Mission Log has changed my opinion of parts of DS9 even when my memory was accurate and I think that rewatching Voyager is going to be interesting.

      • Well that’s certainly interesting to hear. We always hope that by doing a deep-dive each week we’re able to dust off the episodes fresh and get rid of any associated baggage. Sometimes it works!

  3. Jonathan V says:

    While Voyager has plenty of flaws, let’s not forget it has plenty of good points that can’t be overlooked. Robert Picardo effortlessly steals every scene he’s in. This show wouldn’t be even half as good without him.

  4. DataMat says:

    Always had a special place for Voyager as this was really my introduction to Trek. The first Trek I got into back as a kid. Remember picking up videos where I found them back in the day for this show. Such nostalgia. Can’t believe how long ago those days were now lol. Makes me feel old.

    I’ll be listening!

  5. Bruce Aguilar says:

    Janeway is just so damn badass! She’s always been a favorite of mine and they biggest reason why I kept on with the show through the entire run.