Scorpion, Part II

Remember the one about the scorpion from last week? This time the Borg play nice with the Voyager crew by sending an emissary to speak for the rest of them, but will she help them to safety, or will her true nature doom them all? Scorpion Part II goes into the Mission Log.

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  1. Jay K says:

    Just wanted to give a thumbs up to Normans observation of 7 of 9’s dialog about humans having to many voices. I watched this episode and immediately thought about where we as humans and mankind are atm. Kinda scary that we as a species is having such a hard time getting together with each other, and looking at one and other and saying, “yes, we may have a different view on a given issue, but can’t we agree to just disagree with out getting crazy about it”? not really saying that the right way, but this episode from so many years ago really hit a chord with me. Thanks for the podcast, been a listener since the first, love the show!

    • It is an interesting idea. The Borg must have some mechanism to agree on a combined, average set of ideas. The upside is that disagreement is eliminated from the equation and they can accomplish what they set out to do. The bad news is that new ideas are quashed and dissent never stands a chance. One has to wonder though, since altruism is a part of evolution, would the Borg ever get to a point where the “majority” mindset would lead to less destructive decisions. Maybe that’s one outcome we got with Borg Queen Alice Jurati.

  2. Arvis says:

    Kate Mulgrew’s penmanship! Mind blown!